Evernote is one of our favorite pieces of software for note-taking on the go. It runs on everything from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Android, Kindle Fire, etc. and it even integrates with your web browser to make saving websites, recipes, etc a breeze. In this tutorial David will show you all the ins and outs of Evernote including several tips and tricks too.

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7 Responses

  1. Wendy S.

    Another great video! One thing which I wanted to know is what the various ways are to back up Evernote once its up and running. I am fairly new to Mac but understand that Time Machine should back up these files but would also like to know other ways files can be backed up (e.g. on Google Drive). Can an entire library be backed up or a whole notebook be exported (rather than simply exporting the notes contained within a notebook) as an added way to back up data? Thank you for all your video tutorials and articles they are fantastic!

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      Thanks, Wendy!

      Evernote doesn’t need to be backed up because it is stored on the Evernote servers – but in any case, you can’t back it up locally. You can export it’s contents, but that export won’t update as you add new content, of course.

  2. Carl Nelson

    You turned me on to Evernote months ago, and it has become my favorite and most useful app. Today’s lesson showed me a couple things I didn’t know that will definitely be helpful. Evernote is too cool! Thanks for helping to make organizing easy and fun!
    Carl Nelson
    Coronado, CA

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      Sure. All 300+ are here on our website as well as our YouTube channel. Feel free to watch any one you like. They are all free.

  3. Angel

    Great video, can you dedicate a couple of minutes on your next evernote video on university (school) note taking. Would be very helpful to know good tricks to note taking (class notebooks, separating topics/test content, study from the Evernote notes) Thank you.

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      Great idea! Quick thoughts on that – you can make a notebook for each class and then use various tags to separate them easily.