Want to master Apple Mail? This video will show you TONS of tips and tricks to make the most of Apple Mail. Let’s face it, e-mail is one of those necessary evils in life, but thanks to the many tricks you’ll learn in this class, hopefully it will allow you to make it work for you (instead of you working for your e-mail). If you’d like to skip ahead to one of the sections, you can simply click the time code below and you’ll be brought to that exact chapter. Enjoy!

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  • 00:57 iMAP/POP (getting e-mails to sync)
  • 03:00 2 tricks to save contact information
  • 06:35 Creating an e-mail signature
  • 09:27 Adding a signature to a PDF attachment (without having to print)
  • 13:15 Creating E-mail Rules
  • 15:50 Creating Mailboxes and Smart Mailboxes
  • 19:24 Junk mail reduction tips
  • 23:35 Customizing your toolbars
  • 25:30 Dictation (with no additional software)
  • 28:38 Evernote Integration
  • 29:38 Add A Second E-mail Account to Apple Mail
  • 30:44 A special note for Comcast customers regarding IMAP
  • 31:13 Deleting Multiple E-Mails at Once
  • 33:23 Migrating E-mail Accounts
  • 36:14 Moving PC e-mails, contacts, and calendars to Mac (Outlook)
  • 37:50 Viewing and Layout Options
  • 39:40 Sorting Methods and Options
  • 40:57 Choosing A Default E-mail Account for Composing
  • 42:04 Inserting Photos and Automatic Resizing Options
  • 44:33 Creating E-Mail Groups of Contacts/MailChimp/CC & BCC options
  • 49:26 Creating Trigger Phrase/Key (AWESOME FOR BUSINESS!!!)

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14 Responses

  1. Frank Raymond

    Re Apple mail youtube video, great class, knew some of this but lots new for me, I thought my donation to you may have been a bit premature, but I have learnt so much over the last few weeks, keep up the good work,
    all the best

    Frank Raymond
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Audrey MANOUVRIER

    Hi David,

    Thank you for this great video!

    When you create folders (mailboxes) on an iMac, does it create the same folder on an iPhone?

    Thank you!

  3. John Moslander

    Thank you. This was very informative and provided a lot of useful information. Just wanted to mention one thing. I recently converted from PC to Mac and so far am loving it. In one of my Apple One to One classes I learned that through the iCloud service, along with the 5GB of free storage space, iCloud customers also have free additional storage space for email messages and attachments that are considered too large. This refers to the link that is generated from iCloud that is sent to your intended receiver of a large file. Just thought I’d mention it because then you could keep everything “Apple” and not use additional tools such as DropBox

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      The problem is that iCloud is not nearly as useful as other options like Dropbox due to all of the features it lacks. Thanks for the heads up though!

  4. Norm

    Always learn something new from David and the great thing is the way you see what he is doing as well as hearing what he says. A bugbear of mine is how to get a read receipt or seen notice on email just like in messages where it says delivered / seen. I can do it in outlook but not in mail on my macbook pro.

  5. Keith Davis

    I second David’s recommendation for PST Converter Pro to move your mail from a PC Outlook to Apple Mail. My brothers have tried to do it on their own and they are now bald. I have lots of hair because I used this software and the conversion was done very easily and quickly.

  6. Kelly

    Hi David,

    I came across your youtube channel, I was so glad that I gave it a try. Great content well presented for anyone to understand.
    Thank You so much and keep up the good work.

  7. Bassam

    Hello, I would like to learn how to automatically capitalize the first letter on Mac, (emails, notes and all), Thank you and like your videos..

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      As far as I know, there’s not a way to do that system-wide.

  8. Donna

    I am a new MAC user running OS X Yosemite v10.10.3
    When I send emails, I often like to cut & paste. I do this by using Shift + CTRL + Command + 4. The end user (and myself if CC:d) all see a blue box with a question mark in place of my pasted item. I’ve checked my preferences and email settings and for the life of me, cannot fix this issue. I feel totally non-functional in email without the ability to cut & paste. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      Hi Donna! If you’re using Shift + CTRL + Command + 4, that is not technically cut/paste in the normal sense and you cannot paste things this way. That method clips a portion of your screen and makes a jpg of it and puts it on your desktop. From there you must then attach or drag/drop that image into an email. Either way works well, but I just did them both again to test and they went through without issue.

      Cutting and pasting an image is where you would secondary click on an image, choose “copy image” and then secondary click and paste the item into an email or cmd+v to paste.

      Which method are you attempting right now and what email program are you using?

  9. Vera

    Hello David,
    Thank you for all the great tutorials. You speak in a language that I understand, and you’ve made my life so much easier.
    I do have a question.
    I have a Macbook, and I use a Samsung Galaxy. I use Gmail for my email account. I do a lot of my email work on my phone. Is there a way I can get gmail to talk to Mail on my computer, so that things that I have filed or labeled on gmail automatically get filed on Mac Mail, and vice versa? Lets say I’m on my phone and see an email for equipment proposal. I file it under my Equipment label. Is there a way that it will automatically be filed under Equipment file in Mail?
    Thank you!

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      I will look into that for you – but in the meantime, you might just use Gmail directly so that everything is the same on all of your devices. I personally use Gmail for all of my email on all of my computers and mobile devices and really like the consistency on all devices.