Apple Music is here! But is Apple’s new service match the hype? Find out in this “first impression” video. We will release a class on Apple Music (and iTunes) in the next few weeks, but for now we want to hear from you. What do YOU think of Apple Music? Is it better than Spotify or Pandora? Leave a comment below.

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18 Responses

  1. John

    You hit it on the head. I did the update on the phone, and was impressed with the whole process of getting started. Definitely some quirky things to it, but since this is the first play (not a Spotify subscriber) its neat with some of the songs that it thinks I like (never dabbled with the iTunes Match either). Not being able to disagree for a song provided, was noted. Thanks for the information, always fun watching and listening to your classes.

  2. Sergei

    Dear David,

    I think Apple music interface is nicely, but also a little bit sloppy.
    But if you’re going to listen to the music …. I like spotify more, the streaming quality is much better.
    If you’re talking about the interface, I like apple music more, specially in the use.
    But it might be beautiful and nice smoothly if the music stream quality is worse…….then hey give me spotify.
    Thnx for all of you’re great work I like it a lot.
    Greetings Sergei.

  3. Kevin

    I have iMac, iPhone and iPod Touch. I also subscribe to iMatch. I updated on iMac first and I am confused. Is iTunes separate from Apple Music. I pay for iTouch but iTouch seems to have some of the same features as Apple music and now they want more money for Apple music. I am truly confused.

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      Do you mean that you pay for iMatch?


    Hi David, thank you for the help you give me with your wonderful lessons, BUT PLEASE…don’t forget that you have many “pupils” from abroad!
    Personally speaking, sometimes I have to listen to a lessons of yours twice or three times because you speak to quickly, so please try to reduce just a 5% the speed of your conversation.
    Thanks in advance and best regards!
    Marco Moltrasio, Bergamo, Italy

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      We will do our best. We are often told that people love our classes because David speaks slowly enough for them to understand, so I guess it’s different for everyone. It’s also very hard to teach naturally if one slows down considerably. But we will do what we can. That’s the beauty of recorded classes as well! Thanks for your input and support!

  5. Jeff

    Another quick and honest presentation. Thanks.

    I use Pandora a lot (for bike riding, background when I’m writing, having friends over for dinner) and am very facile with it.

    I just downloaded Apple Music and am working my way through this new musical toy, learning as I go. I do think Apple will work some of the bugs you described out of the app, so it’ll get better. I liked Taylor Swift’s stand about reimbursement for songs played during the three month “trial” period.

    Thanks again. Also looking forward to a PCOnline class about using the new Apple Music.

  6. Elizabeth

    I just downloaded it yesterday. I guess I need to set up my playlists again or new ones. I can hardly wait for your classes on Apple Music to find out how it all works.

  7. Gary Ward

    They did away with a great benefit if you have limited broadband, Home Sharing, very disappointed!

  8. Neil Primrose

    Hi David
    With you totally on your analysis. The most serious defect (once you manage to get the thing up and running) for me, however, is how expensive the option to download tracks to play offline is on memory in the iPhone. I have a whole bunch of music downloaded for offline playing on Spotify which uses less than 1GB. On Apple Music, ONE album used up 10% of that. For that reason alone, I’ll be sticking to Spotify. The folks at Apple need to understand there are large swathes of the planet which don’t have WiFi, 3G or 4G.

  9. Lynn Stanfield

    I subscribe to iTunes match how does that figure into Apple music? Thanks for your updates there so amazing, I would not miss any of them

  10. Javier

    Hey David great first impressions video. If and when you do an Apple Music Review could you talk about in detail the difference between iTunes Match and Apple Music? I know that Apple Music has iTunes Match build in however I have been reading about an DRM issue with Apple Music where when you upload your purchased music to iCloud and then re-download it as a local copy it will be encoded with DRM meaning you have to have an Apple Music subscription in order to play the music you should already own before. iTunes Match will let you download your music DRM free and Apple Music will not. PLEASE address this issue in your next video!!! I am an iTunes Match subscriber but I feel like I shouldn’t need both if I am going to subscribe to Apple Music.

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      We did a live class yesterday and have another one starting in less than an hour.

  11. Shana

    I downloaded the new iTunes/Apple Music on my Macbook, and found that the button to update Match was gone. When I tried to add “This Computer” while on the phone with Apple Care, we couldn’t. Even a senior advisor didn’t have the answers because they were only given one day of training before the roll out. I tend to buy music, so their Match service is very important to protect it. It bothered me so much that I ended up wiping my machine and adding the old iTunes back in, until someone can explain to me how it works. Also, it doesn’t make sense financially for me to replace Match with the much more expensive Apple music, which I suspect they want everyone to do even though I am not into streaming music. As for iOS, I figured out that if I went to General, then Restrictions and turned on the “Connect” tab, I was able to get rid of the frozen Apple Music screen that I was stuck with at first. Once I did that I was once again able to access all my old playlists, so I hope that tidbit helps someone out who faced the same static screen that, for me, did not do anything but give me a colorful logo. It would be very helpful if you could find out how Match figures into all this how one can “update Match” with the button gone. I agree that it was not well explained and that its a bit confusing. I hope they listen to your common sense ideas!

  12. Cheryl

    I signed up for the free 3 month trial membership. My husband still uses an IPOD classic. I have discovered that Apple Music cannot be downloaded to an IPOD. It seem like it can only be downloaded to IPHONE or IPOD Touches Do you think this is something they will fix?

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      No they won’t because you don’t actually own the music you’re renting via Apple Music, so you won’t be able to download it to a device that isn’t running Apple Music.

  13. doug paulus


    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I thought I was going nuts, when I asked Siri to find my Apple Music…Come on Tim,, fix this…..
    Good part is, I was the life a party, when I selected an Apple Music radio station, dropped my iPhone in an empty water glass and it acted like a Beat Speaker…lol
    great skinny…

  14. Arne

    Big bug …

    Hi David,

    using the new iCloud Media Library decreases the free storage on my iPhone.
    I had no songs downloaded to the device and started listening to my music via iCloud.
    The free storage ran down and I was´t able to shoot photos or download an app anymore. The only way to get back the storage space was to reset the phone and to reinstall it from my iCloud Backup.

    The problem only appears, when listening to songs from the library which are not downloaded to the deceive. Listening to music from the “new” or “for you” tab does´t affect the storage. You can check this under “preferences/info” and watch the number of songs grow .

    This was also already posted in the community section on the apple support website.
    I think, this is relevant to new users. Please check and mention it in the full class.

    Thanks for your great work. Carry on.
    Greetings from Germany