Looking for the perfect bluetooth speaker? Check out these two bluetooth speakers from Nakamichi. In this video we’ll review the Nakamichi BTSP80 and the Nakamichi BTSP-70 and point out their best features and the differences between the two.

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3 Responses

  1. Robert Frith


    Thanks for the great review of the Nakamichi bluetooth speakers. I know Nakamichi has made some very good high-end audio components, and I assume they still do. I am going to get the larger speaker.

  2. Sally

    I bought the one that will roll off the desk. It is great. I also purchased a Bo-ho speaker at a flea market down south. It was $19 and very small. It is a crackerjack as well. Look into it.

  3. Jeannie Allen

    I bought the $72 one on Amazon per your review–it came today–sounds pretty good but one would THINK for that price that they would have included the USB cord to charge it with !!!!! I don’t have one that fits it–I noted on Amazon reviews that it said it uses the same charges as an Android, well I don’t HAVE an Android and that’s not the point—any electronic these days comes with a charger..that’s a no brainer!