Need to calculate the total size of a group of files on your Mac? There’s a really easy trick to it and we’ll show you how in this short and sweet video.

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7 Responses

  1. John

    Great little trick, David. Enjoyed this very much because I have been having to add up the multiple, individual “info” readouts that you first demonstrated. After viewing your solution, I was absolutely awed by this short and simple solution.

    Thank you muchly……..LOL

    And, while I am responding to your short class, I want to congratulate you on your iMove (v. 10.0.8) class. It was very illuminating and such a great educational tool for learning the “little” FCP; however, I think you might have added one more piece of VERY useful information at the end, “How to Archive your iMovies” so that you can keep your video clips and full-length iMovie so that you don’t fill up your hard drive. There have been many solutions through the different upgrades, but for the most recent upgrade I have a great solution (for me). I would like to know what yours is, and then I will submit mine (or what a recent Mac guru friend related to me). Absolutely easy and all so comprehensive: keeps full iMovie and edits together for future reference (and archived as well).

    Thanks for all that you do in your quest to enlighten the creative members of the computer world.

    Jack Cannon

  2. Vivian

    It did not work for me. On your video I see the files on your right, mine are on the left. I followed your instructions but didn´t get the results. Thank you anyhow!

  3. Bruce Hutchins

    Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing that when you think that something is so hard turns out the solution is much easier then you thought.

  4. Kathy

    First let me say I SO appreciate all of your videos. I made the switch to a Mac a little over a year ago and you have been a life saver for me! Thanks. I loved this tidbit of information! I was doing the same thing with photos and didn’t know how to figure out how large my files were. What a time saver! Thanks!!

  5. Ted Hemmings

    I am using Yosemite 10.10.3 and finding the total size of a bunch of photos in ‘Photos’ can be done simply by pressing Cmnd I ( that is the letter I ). I do not have to include the Option key to achieve this result. Perhaps, Apple have updated the system to do this since David’s short video was issued.

    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      I am also on 10.10.3 and all that does is open individual info windows for all of the files that are selected.