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Our staff works tirelessly to bring you thorough, well produced content that teaches you how to better use the various technologies at your fingertips. By FAR the easiest way to show your support to PC Classes Online is to use our special bookmark anytime you shop on Amazon. Here’s how it works…

Step 1:

Click on the version of Amazon (the flag icons below) that represents where you live in the world (or where your Amazon purchases come from).

Step 2:

  • (Mac) Once the site loads, hold the Command Key and tap the letter “D” to bookmark this site to your favorites.
  • (Windows) Once the site loads, hold the Control Key and tap the letter “D” to bookmark this site to your favorites.

Step 3:

Use this link anytime you shop on Amazon and they will automatically donate approximately 4% of your purchases to PC Classes Online (this process does not change the price in any way)




We love what we do at and we enjoy giving our classes away for free, but it actually costs us quite a bit.

Would you consider supporting us financially so that we can continue to reach more people with our classes? We’ve created four levels of sponsorship that you can choose from ranging from just $25 to $100. If you would like to support us, simply click on the amount of your choice and you will be taken to PayPal where you can donate quickly and securely.

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Can’t see the “Buy From Amazon” buttons?

If you don’t see a “Buy from Amazon” button it is very likely that your web browser is running one of two potential extensions that prevents the website from loading properly. Here’s a 90 second video that shows you how to resolve it.


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