Tracking Your Mileage with MileIQ
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MileIQ tracks your mileage and automatically logs that information into a tax compliant document so you can get that money back! It’s easy to use and fun to see how much $$$ you’re saving. This is a must have app for business people. Use our promo code “PCCL20” at for 20% off.

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7 Responses

  1. Mike W

    Hi Mark,

    I used this app for a while and found that my battery went dead supper fast around 4 hours or so.. Called Apple to find out the problem because I did not associate this problem with installing the app. They had me do all kinds of system checks and send them some reports. Was not able to find the problem, ended up doing a restore and of a little while the phone would at least last the day. This went on for couple of weeks. 3 days ago I removed the app and have not had to charge my phone for 2 days.
    Has anyone else had this issue?

    By the way Mark thank you and David for the service you provide even if this one did not work out for me..


    • Mark from PCClassesOnline

      I’ve used the app constantly for over a year now and have had no battery issues at all. I assume you checked the user forums for the app? I am sure there would be help there if there’s an issue with other people. If this were a common problem, I am sure the app would pretty much cease to exist.

      • Mike W

        Mark thanks for responding to my post.
        I remove the app and still have the problem so its not the app and for the last week have been working with apple to resolve the problem . I have a follow up with them tomorrow and more then likely they will be replacing the phone.
        Just wanted to let anyone reading the post understand MY PROBLEM WAS NOT THIS APP the phone problem just happened to started around the same time I installed the app..